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Homestead Garage Doors Repair

Homestead Garage Doors

Homestead Garage Doors

Homestead Garage Doors: Homestead is one of the southernmost cities of Miami-Dade county, it is 35 miles south of the city of Miami and 25 miles north of Key Largo.

The City of Homestead is located between SW 132nd and SW 192nd Ave,  some areas extend as south as SW 352nd St while the city limits at north start at SW 296th St.

Although the city was severely affected by hurricane Andrews in 1992, the city experienced a housing boom neraly a decade after.

New developments, several of them, were constructed on cheap farm land that once was used for agriculture. Right now the city of homestead is no longer the farmland it used to be in 1992.

Different type of properties were constructed in the city, but the predominant construction type are the townhouse in the first place and single family homes in second place. Townhouse developments and single family homes have garage doors,  and with a construction boom nearly a decade ago, the brand new garage doors and gate motors installed in 2003 may need some maintenance or repair.

The typical house Homestead has garage doors, that’s why we recommend calling an experienced contractor in your area when the need of repairing your homestead garage doors arise, and we always encourage homeowners to obtain a building permit to avoid violations and fines in the future.

Permit Requirements

If your house or business is located within the City of Homestead, you need to get a permit if you need work on your homestead garage doors or rolling doors.

Homestead Garage Doors required Application Forms

Permit Application Checklist

 Hometead FL Garage Door Permit Checklist

Building Permit Application

Homestead FL Building Permit Application

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