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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

January 23, 2015 News 0
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Garage Door Maintenance

There’s several components that take place when a garage door is built that are essential to make the garage doors functionality flow normally. These simple tips will be covering some of the things that are done by experts to quickly get your garage door to function as before.

There are two different kinds of overhead garage doors that are built in the majority of homes. These two operate in roll-up or swing-up while working under spring tension. The way the door usually moves is on metal tracks that are placed on the walls of your garage and additionally use heftier springs to add tension. If you find that the door is jammed and isn’t functioning as before, note the steps on how we quickly work to resolve this issue.

Routine Maintenance

garage door maintenance tipsRevising that the tracks are on their mounting brackets and have misalignment or any loose screws that need to be tightened. If it’s necessary, we will tighten the screws in order to prevent any vibration from misalignment on them. Following, it’s also good to note if there has been any damage done, such as dents or scratches. With a mallet the parts may be using pressure to ensure that these are put into place and are tightly screwed. However, if these tracks aren’t properly performing these are then replaced completely in order to restore its functionality.

The way in which the garage door is examined is through the use of a level to ensure it is leveled out. Horizontal tracks are inclined toward the back part of the garage. In the case that yours is a roll-up, then these same tracks should be held in place. We ensure that these are aligned to prevent future jams from occurring, simply placing the rails into position is an easy process.


Household products are always recommended in order to clean the tracks on a regular basis, these usually accumulate grease and with time, it causes repeated jams. To prevent rust, we clean out the rollers as well to maintain the areas dry for that reason.


If you are inexperienced in working with garage doors you may want to call a repair service that is an expert at garage doors in order to prevent any harm to yourself or your family.

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